Scottish Trust Deed bank account. These accounts are available even if I have a bad credit rating

Scottish Trust Deed Bank Account

Entering into A Scottish Trust Deed will ensure that you will be debt free in 3 years time assuming you make all 36 monthly payments agreed with your creditors. It is a formal agreement between you and all of your creditors where you agree to pay back what you can afford with all interest frozen.

If you pay back the agreed set monthly amount for the 36 month period your creditors will be legally obliged to write off any remaining debt, so could be a good way of clearing any debts you can no longer afford to repay.

Scottish Trust Deed Bank Account - Click Here to Apply

One of the problem you may have by agreeing a Trust Deed is if one of your creditors is the bank you have an account with, as they might withhold any incoming money like your wages and set against your outstanding debt.

Should this is the case you will have to open a new account with another bank but as your credit record will undoubtedly be damaged, you will struggle as any new bank will be able to see for your credit file that you have financial problems meaning they will certainly reject your application.

So what are your options if you are in a Scottish Trust Deed and need to open a new Bank Account?

If you find yourself in this position then your options for opening a high street bank account will be very limited however there are other options available where you can open a managed bank account without the need of a credit check.

Guaranteed Bank Accounts for anyone in a Scottish Trust Deed

Anyone in a Scottish Trust Deed can now open a Guaranteed bank account as long as you can identify yourself, so anyone with a severe debt problem can still apply and be sure to be accepted.

The main features of these guaranteed accounts include:

  • Internet Banking
  • MasterCard Debit card
  • Phone Banking
  • SMS Service
  • UK Call centre

So if you need a Scotttish Trust Deed bank account and have been declined by any of the high street providers, we will be able to assist you with a guaranteed* new account.

If you have any questions email us at or apply by Clicking Here - Alternatively please call 02 3286 3929 and speak to one of our advisers.

Scottish Trust Deed Bank Account - Click Here to Apply

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Scottish Trust Deed bank account, accounts available if I have a bad credit rating
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Scottish Trust Deed bank account, there are accounts available regardless of any poor credit history

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* Guaranteed acceptance only for those 18 years or older, UK residents and with proof of identity.