Bad credit bank accounts for those with a poor credit rating and need a bank account

Bad Credit Bank Accounts

If you have any form of bad credit you may struggle to open a new bank account but we have some new accounts which you can open on a Guaranteed basis.

Having a bad credit rating will certainly have a negative impact on opening most high street bank account applications meaning your application will almost certainly be declined leaving you without the use of an account.

Bad Credit Bank Accounts - Apply Here

So how can we help you open one of these Bad Credit Bank Accounts?

We have a Guaranteed Acceptance account available to anyone who can be identified and is over 18 years old, inclding foreign national or those with any bad credit.

With no credits required with this account, anyone with a bad credit history will still be accepetd as they would be any risk to the bank.

The accounts have their own sort code and account number, plus a debit type card Internet banking, Standing Orders and/or Direct Debits plus much more.

Also as you can only spend what is cleared funds in your account, there is no chance of going overdrawn or being penalised for doing so.

Bad Credit Bank Accounts Apply by Clicking Here

As we guarantee No Credit Check when you apply, anyone (including those with a severe credit problem) will be accepetd as long as they can be identified.

Why do we need Bank Accounts for those with bad credit?

Anyone with a bad credit rating will struggle to open a high street bank account, as no high street bank will open an account for someone they cannot lend to, so if your credit rating is bad, they will decline your application and use the fact you have a bad credit rating as an excuse.

But opening one of these accounts is almost guaranteed even for those with a bad credit rating as when we opening the account your past credit problems will not be identified or have a negative impact on the application.

To apply for Bad Credit Bank Accounts - Click Here

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Bad credit bank accounts regardless of any poor credit history

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