Bank accounts for Trust Deeds. These accounts are available even if I have a bad credit rating

Bank Accounts for Trust Deeds

Guaranteed Bank accounts for Trust Deeds

Being in a Trust Deed will almost certainly restrict your ability to open a new bank account, however we can offer a Guaranteed Bank Account specially suited for anyone in a Trust Deed.

How can we Guarantee the opening? Easy, there are No Credit Checks meaning no matter how adverse your credit rating is you will still be able topen a new account.

No Credit Checks and Guaranteed Opening

As there is never any credit available with these accounts there is no reason to check any past credit activity, so even thos ewho have had severe problems with their finance can still apply in the knowledge they will be guaranteed accepted (ID may be required)

Bank Accounts for Trust Deeds- Click Here to Apply

An account perfect for anyone in a Trust Deed

Having agreed to enter a Trust Deed will mean you will be restricted with some financial products like bank accounts, however there are options available and these will often include many of the features found on more 'reguilar' type accounts normally associated with high street providers.

All accounts are available to those with any type of bad credit and as there are no credit checks during the application process, so even those with a severe credit problem can apply and be guaranteed a new account.

Also if we can identity you electronically during the application process, you will be issued with a new sort code and account number instantly, meaning you can start using your Trust Deed bank account immediately.

Not just an account for Trust Deeds

These accounts are not just for those who have found themselves in a Trust Deed, they can also help those with any other severe financial problems as they will help manage your money, separating your monthly commitments from your disposable income, meaning you can only spend what you have in your account.

If I Need to open an Account how easy is it to Apply?

Simply Click Here and complete the application form and we'll do the rest, PLUS even after completing the form there is NO OBLIGATION to proceed even thought the accounts are FREE TO OPEN with No Ongoing Contract, meaning you can cancel at any time.

Account features include the following:

  • Internet Banking
  • MasterCard Debit card
  • Phone Banking
  • SMS Service
  • UK Call centre

So if you need a bank account for Trust Deeds and have been declined or refused by any of the high street providers, we will be able to assist you and guarantee* your new account.

If you have any questions email us at or apply by Clicking Here - Alternatively please call 0845 474 6351 and speak to one of our advisers.

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Bank accounts for Trust Deeds, accounts available if I have a bad credit rating
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Bank accounts for Trust Deeds, there are accounts available regardless of any poor credit history

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WE ARE NOT A BANK and do not provide banking services, specific advice or bank accounts ourselves and WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOU FOR THE USE OF THIS WEBSITE OR THE SERVICE WE PROVIDE however you may be charged by any bank intermediary we introduce you to if you require them to open a bank account, offshore bank account or any other service they may provide for you although YOU WILL NEVER BE OBLIGED to proceed unless you wish to.

* Guaranteed acceptance only for those 18 years or older, UK residents and with proof of identity.