Basic bank account for those with bad credit and bad credit bank accounts

Basic Bank Account available regardless of Your Credit History

If an adverse credit history is stopping you open a new bank account, don't worry, we will help you.

With a poor credit history all of the high street banks will decline your application for a new account as they simply do not want customers they cannot lend to or make any money from, so what are you options if you need an account?

Open a Basic Bank Account - Click Here to Apply

There is an increasing number of options available and opening a basic bank account has become a good option for those who need a new bank account but are constantly refused by the high street banks.

They often come with all the facilities and functionality of a normal bank account but without the need of a credit check, rendering them to be classified as a basic bank account.

They will often come with a debit card, Internet banking as well as other services associated with high street accounts - the one main difference is there will be a monthly cost involved, but when you consider you can never go overdrawn or be charged for doing so, then the fee payable is often considerably lower that these charges.

No Contracts - There are no contracts with a Basic Bank Account, meaning if you decide you no longer require this account or you qualify for a free high street account, you may cancel without any penalty, so there is no fear of being tied in for an extended period giving you full flexibility.

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Basic bank account  from bank accounts direct
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Basic bank account  regardless of any poor credit history

So what are the charges?

Currently there are NO OPENING FEES to get your account opened and running, then a modest monthly fee of just £12.50 covers everything from your debit card which allows you to access you money at an ATM, spend on line or in almost any shop, set-up your regular payments, Internet Banking, Personal Money Manager, No Penalty Charges & No Late Payment Fees - and if you are unhappy at any time, as there are no minimum contracts, simply cancel your bank account and you will no longer have to pay.

For a full list of our charges, please click here.

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