Basic bank accounts and basic bank accounts for those looking for a basic bank account

Personal and Business Basic Bank Accounts

Life can be very difficult if you cannot open a bank account whether a PERSONAL account where you need your salary paid in or if you need to have your own BUSINESS account to pay in cheques and take or make payments.

Being refused a Bank Account is also fast becoming a regular occurrence even for those with a very modest past credit problem making it very difficult to run your life or your business.

Basic Bank Accounts - Apply Online by Clicking Here

We Can Help - we can certainly help you find the right bank account, either for Personal or Business use regardless of any past credit problems or even if you have been refused already, so don't worry YOU CAN HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT.

Personal Bank Accounts:

There are two options if you require a personal bank account:

Option 1 - Open a Managed Bank Account - Monthly fee applies
Option 2 - Open a High Street Bank Account - Opening Admin fee only applies
(For all information please visit our Account Information section by clicking here)

Business Bank Accounts:

There are several options available however each option is using a Bank Account Intermediary service to assist you and depending on the severity of your credit rating will depend on the actual cost of the service and if you require a GUARANTEED opening service.

Please visit our Account Information section by clicking here for a full list of available accounts and their associated charges.

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basic bank accounts regardless of any poor credit history


Still unsure? Why not speak to an adviser now who will be happy to answer any questions you may have PLUS there will be no obligation to proceed.

For Personal or Buisness Bank Accounts call 020 3286 3929

Alternatively, simply Apply Here and someone will get back to you.

SMALL PRINT - Bank Accounts Direct is an introducer only WE ARE NOT A BANK and do not provide banking services, specific advice or bank accounts ourselves and WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOU FOR THE USE OF THIS WEBSITE OR THE SERVICE WE PROVIDE however you may be charged by any bank intermediary we introduce you to if you require them to open a bank account, offshore bank account or any other service they may provide for you although YOU WILL NEVER BE OBLIGED to proceed unless you wish to.