basic current accounts and basic bank accounts for those looking for a basic bank account

Basic Current Accounts

If you have been refused or declined for a new account we have the ideal solution - a Basic Current Account available to anyone regardless of any past credit problems.

If you have applied for a high street account and been declined because of your credit history then you will also have problems with the other high street banks as they will all use the same credit reference agencies, meaning your application will be declined with them too.

Basic Current Accounts - Apply Online by Clicking Here
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How We Can Help - We have a basic current account which is perfect for anyone who has been declined because of their past credit problems which will include nearly all the facilities offered by a high street account.

Features included in the Basic Current Accounts:

The features of these accounts include all the following:

  • No Credit Checks
  • Guaranteed Acceptance (with proof of ID & 18 years+)
  • Debit Card
  • Internet & Telephone Banking
  • Standing Orders or Direct Debits
  • NO CREDIT meaning No Penalty Overdraft fees

Guaranteed Acceptance.

You must be at least 18 years old and have proof of ID, however if this is the case, your application for a basic current account will Guaranteed to be opened.

No obligation - Even after completing our application form for a basic current account there is no obligation for you to proceed unless you are happy to do so, so for more information or to see if you will automatically be accepted, complete the application form by clicking here.

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basic current accounts regardless of any poor credit history

Basic Current Accounts Explained.

If you open one of these basic current accounts you will be have access to all the facilities they offer but the most important factor for most people is you will have your own sort code and account number, meaning you can have money paid directly into your account like any other 'normal' high street account. You will no longer need friends, family of cheque cashing shops to gain access to your salary.

Once opened these accounts will allow you to check your account online or via your mobile (registration required), have the use of a bank card which like a debit card allows you to spend what is available in your account plus set-up regular payments so things like your rent/mortgage, electricity, council tax etc can all get paid direct from your account, making managing your money considerably easier.

More questions that needs answering? Please email us at and we will answer any further questions you may have.

SMALL PRINT - Bank Accounts Direct is an introducer only WE ARE NOT A BANK and do not provide banking services, specific advice or bank accounts ourselves and WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOU FOR THE USE OF THIS WEBSITE OR THE SERVICE WE PROVIDE however you may be charged by any bank intermediary we introduce you to if you require them to open a bank account, offshore bank account or any other service they may provide for you although YOU WILL NEVER BE OBLIGED to proceed unless you wish to.