Basic bank accounts and bank accounts guaranteed to be basic bank accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone apply for a basic bank account?
Yes, however to apply for a basic bank account you will need to be over 18 years old and have some form of identification like a current passport or driving licence.

Will I need to have a passport or a driving licence?
No, the vast majority of the bank account application checks are completed via electronic methods however if you cannot be identified you may need to provide a copy of a passport or driving licence.
BUSINESS Bank Account applications WILL REQUIRE either a current passport or driving licence as proof of Identification, however if you cannot provide that but have some other form of ID then call and speak to a specialist for advice.

How long will it take to get my PERSONAL bank account?
You could get your sort code and new account number instantly if you pass the Identification checks without the need for further evidence, so you could have you account opened almost immediately. If you need to provide proof of Identification your account will be opened as soon as you provide that, so will be up to you how quick it can be opened.

How long will it take to get my BUSINESS bank account?
It can take between 7 - 21 days to open a new business bank account from the start however a lot will depend on you having the appropriate identification documents and visiting your chosen branch to complete the application. In certain circumstances it could be sooner however this is the standard timescale no matter where you apply.

Will I get a debit card with your bank account?
Yes - For both Personal and Business bank account applicants you will almost certainly receive a debit type card with your new bank account

How much will it cost to open a PERSONAL bank account?
There are NO OPENING FEES for the personal managed bank account HOWEVER there is a monthly charge of just £12.50 which will ensure you have the use of all the functionality of the bank account plus you will be GUARANTEED No Late Payment fees or missed payment penalty charges.

How much will it cost to open a BUSINESS bank account?
The cost of opening a High Street Business Bank Account will depend on what service level you require and could cost between £69.00 for a basic bank account (subject to status, so you may be declined if you have a poor credit rating) to £225.00 for a Guaranteed Business Bank Account, whereby you will have a new bank account or your money will be refunded.

Why are there charges for opening a bank account?
Bank Accounts Direct will not make a charge for our service however the Bank Intermediary you will be introduced to will make an administration charge for the opening service provided as it takes them a considerable amount of time and effort to ensure your new bank account will be opened.

Are you a Bank in your own right?
NO, WE ARE NOT A BANK - Bank Accounts Direct is an introducer only to a bank account intermediary company who will provide all the necessary help and advice on how to open a bank account for you or your business, so once we have pointed you in the right direction you will deal directly with them and WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOU FOR THAT SERVICE (they will pay us a small commission on any completed business which helps us maintain this website and in turn help others in the future)

How easy it to apply?
VERY! Simply Apply Here or call one of the friendly members and they will be happy to guide you through the process and answer any more questions you may have.
For ALL Business or Personal Bank Accounts call 020 3286 3929

SMALL PRINT - Bank Accounts Direct is an introducer only WE ARE NOT A BANK and do not provide banking services, specific advice or bank accounts ourselves and WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOU FOR THE USE OF THIS WEBSITE OR THE SERVICE WE PROVIDE however you may be charged by any bank intermediary we introduce you to if you require them to open a bank account, offshore bank account or any other service they may provide for you although YOU WILL NEVER BE OBLIGED to proceed unless you wish to.